One minute on studio apartments and lofts

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Studio apartment is Apartment In it most of the residential functions are concentrated in one and the same space to which the term “studio” refers. This space is used asBedroom , Living room and kitchen. The bathroom and toilet will usually be separate from the main space Studio apartments will usually be small. There are also large studio apartments, which are sometimes referred to as “loft apartments” and can be found in areas and neighborhoods where there is or was a mix of light industry and housing such as the Florentine neighborhood in south Tel Aviv, the Motifiori neighborhood and Schocken all in the south. Over the years and inspired by the lofts of New York as well as the industrial design scene that began to enter the country, halls and light industrial spaces in the southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv were converted into living spaces that initially attracted mostly artists both because of their special qualities such as high ceilings and huge windows. With the development of the southern neighborhoods and the growing demand for those industrial spaces as well as the investment in design knowing the unique nature of these properties, these spaces have become rarer and their price has risen and even equaled similar properties in the city center.

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