In the heart of the spectacular conservation building Bipio 190 sqm high ceilings 4 parking spaces and double storage Bedrooms - 1 Bathrooms - 190 Square meter 8000000 ILS

Office (residential designation) High ceilings Mighty potential A unique and rare property In the historic heart
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In the Lev Ha'ir district, 172 sq.m. + 84 sq.m. Roof overlooking the sea, parking and a warehouse 3 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms - 172 Square meter ILS In the historic heart of the city Rare penthouse 172 sqm net designed and bright + Take me to the property

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We have solid values and we stick to them. We will always act with honesty, responsibility, and full transparency.



Over 20 years of experience and learning, technological innovation and dedication guarantee you peace of mind and complete confidence in achieving your goals.


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We believe that a real estate transaction is no longer a transaction, so we will act responsibly and sensitively, we will maintain a courteous personal attitude and full accessibility to us throughout.

Property Owners, Feel Free To Start A Safe Way To Close A Deal

For 23 years we have been connecting with dedication and success between sellers and buyers in a transparent, responsible and fair process

Yossi sold my apartment several years ago. The process was professional, impressive, smart and devoid of greed. Perfect in every way. Full match. So should. Always courtesy, with a smile, consideration and understanding that this property called a house, beyond being real estate, is dear to your heart and an emotional interest is also invested in it (so with me as a seller). The wonderful way and accompaniment made us friends , And he - always willingly and cheerfully. Yossi is an exceptional mediator in his positivity. A unique and exciting person. Something that is hard to imagine in the real estate field that is so sensitive and "nervous" in our places. If it's not really clear - then this is the place to declare - recommend with love
by Shmuel HaCarmeli
Tel Aviv
Dear Yossi, Thank you! Thank you for relying on you to find apartments for my taste, after sculpting many, for my properties. Honesty is the biggest compliment a person can give, and that is you Yossi Aleh and the success!
by Bruria Takai
Tel Aviv
After two years on the Carmel coast, I decided to return to Jaffa. I know Jaffa and I started looking for an apartment for rent in a certain area, I made an appointment with Yossi for an apartment where he gave me a chance to sit and present the atmosphere. I think it's something else like just going from room to room and checking if everything is okay. The atmosphere is very important and it made me feel the energies of the place. He had time he is in no hurry to go anywhere he let the apartment speak for itself Thank you very much Yossi I found a perfect place!
by Elka Hachmon
from Tel Aviv
We met Yossi towards the end of a tedious process of searching for an apartment. In my opinion, I saw all the apartments in Tel Aviv. But as soon as we saw the apartment that Yossi had offered us, we knew we had reached rest and estate. Yossi accompanied the buying process to its happy end, was always kind and ready to answer any question, and with his help the process went smoothly and pleasantly. I got to know realtors throughout this period, and Yossi excelled in professionalism, directness, honesty and willingness and the abilities to help. Thank you very much 😊
by Shirley Abramovich

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